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About us

The consulting firm “Eccona” was founded by the lecturers of the Saint Petersburg Engineering and Economic Institute in January 1992.

Currently, the company “Eccona” is one of the leading Russian consulting firms and one of the three largest consulting firms in Saint Petersburg. The Company is presented in all ratings of the Russian consulting and audit firms published by the magazines “Expert” and “Dengi” and the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The staff numbers is about 100 people.

The sales volume for 2005 amounted to EUR 2.45 million.

In 2006 CAG “Eccona” has become a full-right member of the network Urbach Hacker Young International Limited. The CAG’s subsidiary companies have become its affiliate members. The network is a non-commercial partnership created under the English law. The network has 149 offices with 5500 employees around the world. Its positions are especially strong in the USA (13th place in the rating) and the UK (9th place in the rating). The network holds the 29th position in the world. It develops actively its operations in China, where it has one of the biggest offices. The largest European member is in Germany. Thanks to our membership in the network we hope to get new partners who help us to serve our clients outside Russia and provide us with the clients among the foreign companies operating therein. The network’s head-quarters are in London.

ECCONA represents a union of several firms:
  • Consulting and Audit Agency “ECCONA”;
  • Audit Firm “EKA” (ECCONA-audit);
  • Analytical Center “Eccona”;
  • “EcconaBusinessSoft”
  • Non-governmental educational institution “Saint Petersburg Business Institute”;
  • “EKO” (ECCONA-otsenka);
  • “Eccona-Baltic”.

Business Structure of the Company

“Eccona” provides all types of the consulting services in 9 business areas:

  • Investment and Financial Management
  • Design of Organizational Structures
  • Marketing
  • Tax Consulting
  • Legal Services
  • Audit
  • Appraisal of Assets and Property
  • Introduction of Corporate Information Systems
  • Business Education

The Company’s clients are mainly the large and medium enterprises from different sectors: wood processing, foodstuff production, machine building and electronics, construction and production of building materials, wholesale and retail trade and restaurant business.

“Eccona” has its own premises and a license to conduct trainings and corporate seminars for employees of the enterprises within the frame of its educational business area.

The firm “Eccona-Otsenka” has the license issued by the Property Relations Ministry of the RF No. 005055 of 1st October 2002 to appraise all works:

  1. Appraisal of the value of the real estate
  2. Appraisal of the value of the machines, equipment and transport vehicles
  3. Appraisal of the value of the enterprises

License of the Central Attestation and Licensing Audit Committee (ZALAK) of the Finance Ministry of the RF No. E 000008 of 10th April 2002 for five years to perform auditing.

Qualification Level of the Employees

All staff employees of the company “Eccona” have the higher education, and eight employees have a doctor’s degree and participate in the educational projects in addition to the consulting activities.